Saturday, 8 March 2014

Samsung’s new app store will make sure your kids never blow your salary on in-app purchases

One of the Galaxy S5 features that was leaked before its official announcement and briefly described during the show at Mobile World Congress is the special Kids Mode functionality that allows parents to share their smartphone with their children, but only include certain features including access to games but also Samsung’s pre-loaded apps such as a basic drawing app, a voice recording app, special camera and gallery apps, and a karaoke app. But there’s also a Kids Store that provides access to even more apps.
Parents will be able to add other apps already pre-loaded on the phone to Kids Mode, as long as they feel their children should have access to specific titles. If that’s not enough though, kids will also have access to a special store, as SamMobile has now posted pictures of the interface for the Kids Store that will include only certain apps hand-picked by Samsung.


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