Sunday, 2 March 2014

Chromecast now plays Youtube to your Television

Google's Chromecast continues to cement its reputation as the little device that could. And the device has added to its growing repertoire the ability to play YouTube videos "directly" on televisions.

"We've been doing some testing, and every embedded video so far has been compatible with the Chromecast. The point of saying 'most' embedded videos might be a nod to the limitations on private, live, and non-mobile videos on the Chromecast in general," .

It added Google had previously been just testing Chromecasting from embedded YouTube videos "but it looks like the feature has now been rolled out to virtually all videos."

A separate article on The Verge said YouTube now lets Chromecast users send embedded videos to their TVs "without needing to mirror the entire browser tab the video is shown in."

"Previously, only videos shown on YouTube's homepage had native support for Google's internet-to-TV dongle: users who wanted to play embedded clips would have to use the device's tab casting feature," 


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