Saturday, 22 March 2014

Google Shutting Down its EnergySense Home Management Service

Google is reportedly shutting down EnergySense, the home management service it began testing late last year in an attempt to compete with Nest, before acquiring the company for$3.2 billion in January. The news comes from Android Police, which got its hands on an email sent from Google to EnergySense testers.
The brief note explains that the trial run for EnergySense is officially over and Google will shut down the service in two weeks. Starting March 31, the company will drop support for its mobile apps and website. If you’ve been using EnergySense your thermostat will continue running as scheduled, and Google suggests switching over to a similar service from Ecobee for a smooth transition.
It’s no big surprise that Google is dropping its own plans for home management after swallowing up Nest’s business. The smaller company has already made significant headway into the new market of smart home appliances. Offering two competing services doesn’t make any sense, especially if Google wants more people to buy Nest products. Hopefully with EnergySense winding down we’ll hear some big news from the company’s recently-acquired hardware development team in the near future.


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