Monday, 31 March 2014

LG G3 Tipped for Octa-Core CPU, 5.5-inch QHD, Early Release?

The LG G2 earned a place in the 2013 history books as one of the most impressive Smartphones seen to date and also a pretty impressive steal…if picked up from the right vendors.
As such, it’s hardly surprising that the unannounced LG G3 is getting so much attention right now as so many of the firm’s key rivals are already putting out their next-generation 2014 hardware.
The Samsung Galaxy is simply stunning and the HTC M8 hasn’t disappointed – what exactly can the LG G3 bring to the table in order to stand out and make a name for itself?

Quad HD Touchscreen
Well, it’s largely safe to say at this juncture that the LG G3 will feature a 5.5-inch touchscreen boasting 2,560 by 1,440 resolution. The reason we know this is because LG first lifted the lid on exactly such a screen on a prototype Smartphone shown off by the firm last summer. It didn’t make it to the LG G2, so it’s largely guaranteed that it’s been earmarked for the G3.
Octa-Core CPU
Despite so much fanfare from dozens of manufacturers, we’re yet to see a commercially-ready octa-core CPU hit the big time on a global basis in any device. However, there are apparently only two processors on the cards for the final build of the G3 and both are octa-core. LG is apparently still weighing up whether to go with its own Odin CPU or the MediaTek MT6595, though in both instances you can bank on blistering performance.
Waterproof Properties
Something else that’s fast becoming the standard across the upper-end of the Smartphone market is full water-resistance. Folk have had more than enough of their phones exploding at the very threat of a raindrop…as too have insurance companies…so it’s extremely likely that the G3 will be some extent waterproof.


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