Saturday, 22 March 2014

Iphone to be the slimmest and have ultra retina display with 389ppi

More and more web sources start spreading rumors about the next version of iPhone. All of them are sure that this is going to be iPhone 6. Apparently, most of those rumors are questionable. Still, some of them looks pretty believable.

Market Leader inquired into the matter to try and spot some of those rumors that are probably going to come true in the near future. One of such guys known for his good predictions about Apple's future releases. According to the fresh posts on his Twitter and blog, the next-generation smartphone by Apple ( probably iPhone 6) is going to have a 4,7-inch display with… Ultra Retina Display (the density is 389 ppi)! It is also likely to get a new processor – A8 (2,6GHz). The body is believed to be relatively thin – just 5,6mm. If that's true, this is going to be one of the thinnest smartphones in the world.
As for the release date, Sonny doesn't mention anything (probably in order to avoid spreading ungrounded rumors and not to spoil his reputation). Still, if to believe most of the latest rumors on the matter, iPhone 6 is going to be introduced in Q3 2014.
Most analysts are sure that the new device will get 2Gbs of RAM, 128Gbs of external memory a 64-bit processor and 2 cameras. This remains to be seen…
Meanwhile, more and more sources report that Apple is working on a new mobile device with a 5,5-inch screen. They say the device will see the world until the end of 2014. Mr. Dickson keeps silent about that.
Meanwhile, iPhone 6 is believed to be manufactured by Foxconn facilities which have been working for Apple for years. Apple is rumored to be planning to manufacture over 90 million copies of iPhone 6. The US tech giant is currently increasing the production of mobile devices, which are getting increasingly popular worldwide.
Still, at this point, the company's stock is showing some weakness as there has been no releases so far. The chart below, courtesy ofMasterforex-V Academy, reflects the current state of affairs in the market of AAPL:


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