Saturday, 29 March 2014

Nokia Car App for Windows Phone makes driving a joy

Nokia Car App for Windows Phone is an exclusive Nokia Lumia app that works as a stand-alone in-car app with your smartphone. It gives you quick access to HERE Drive, Nokia MixRadio as well as Quick All functions. We find out more with the Nokia Car App for Windows Phone on our Nokia Lumia 1320.

Nokia Car App is pretty much what we saw with the app that came bundled with the Nokia CR-200 Wireless Car Charger but is a stand-alone app that offers access to information across the top of the screen and access to three different smartphone features below.

Across the top the screen you’ll find Nokia Car App allows you to swipe between Battery levels, Weather controls and Time & Date.

Below this you’ll find three different function buttons allowing you to setup and manage HERE Drive, Nokia MixRadio and Quick Call.

HERE Drive and Nokia MixRadio are shortcuts to their specific apps, allowing you to instantly get mapping services and have music playing along with your journey.

Quick Call allows you to add up to five contacts from your People Hub so you can quickly and easily stay in touch with them.

Nokia Car App is a neat little app that can be used in conjunction with your car so help you drive more responsibly. It’s worth bearing in mind that using such an app still requires you to obey the laws in your country, it’s simply an aid to help you.

We’ve got Nokia Car App set up on our Nokia Lumia 520 and on the larger screened Nokia Lumia 1320 and while the app works fine on the smaller screen, highlighting that it works on all variants of Windows Phone 8, it really comes to life on the larger 6-inch screen.


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