Saturday, 29 March 2014

Google reportedly requiring 'Powered by Android' branding on boot screens

Android may have a wider adoption than any other smartphone platform, but many users aren't aware that they're even using Google's OS. Instead, there are folks out there that believe that their smartphone OS is a "Galaxy" or a "DROID." Google is apparently looking to increase the public's awareness of its little green robot, though, as new reports have revealed that El Goog is now requiring that devices with Play Store access announce their Android roots when booting up.
According to reports from and Android Police, Google now mandates that in order for an Android device to have access to the Play Store and Google's first-party apps, it must include "Powered by Android" branding at the bottom of its boot screen. Some leaked documents show that Google even has requirements on the size of the branding because, according to Google, "a logotype loses impact when it becomes too small."
As I mentioned previously, many Android users aren't aware that they're even using an Android device, most likely due to factors like extensive branding and custom manufacturer UIs. This new "Powered by Android" branding could help to make folks aware of the existence of Google's Bugdroid, but it doesn't seem like it'll be as effective as as the branding used by device makers. After all, names like "Galaxy" and "DROID" are often tattooed onto a device's body. And how often do regular folks reboot their phone? Probably not much. Still, Google's effort to get people to recognize Android is worth a shot.


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