Saturday, 29 March 2014

Motorola’s new Test Drive program offers test software updates a month in advance

Everyone loves early access to software updates, and when it comes to Motorola, the company has been more than willing to offer users early software access through its soak test program, in order to test new updates before they’re rolled out to all devices. According to info received by Android Police, Motorola is launching a new Test Drive program that will give select users access to updated software builds even earlier than before.

A user was apparently sent an invite for testing out Android 4.4.2 KitKat for the DROID RAZR M, and the invite suggests the new Test Drive program will have a longer period of testing than usual. Testers will get test updates as early as a month in advance, possibly both final and pre-release builds. Motorola is only selecting those users that have been active in offering feedback on soak tests before (and probably those that have been members of the soak test program for a considerable while), and even has a provision for replacing a user’s device if a particular update build bricks his or her device, which further confirms the fact that not-so-stable builds could be a part of testing.
Motorola has been blazing quick in updating software updates to its recent devices, and the new Test Drive looks like an attempt to speed things up even more. For now, it looks like the DROID RAZR M is next in line for the KitKat update, and if you own the device, it would be a good device to start getting more active on Motorola’s forums henceforth to increase your chances of getting in on the new test program.


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