Saturday, 22 February 2014

Nokia Luma 1625 rumors

The concept tablet is hoped to have an 8-inch size, running a Snapdragon quad-core 805 processor and powered with 4GB of RAM. Despite lack of evidence on its existence, many still wonder if it may appear at the Mobile World Congress this coming week.

It’s possible that the Nokia Lumia 1625 will have a resolution of 2560 x 1600. It’s a hope for many that it will run on Windows RT 8.1, if not the more useful Windows 8.1 full version.

The Nokia Lumia 1625 concept render by designer Hanz Manuel features a very different styling from the Nokia Lumia 2520. The 1625 in the concept design features very curved edges, larger control buttons to the side, and slimmer bezels. Similar to the color of other Nokia Lumia devices, the unit is featuring a bright coloring.
The Finnish tech giant, the mobile division of which is owned by Microsoft, brought its first tablet to the market last year with the Nokia Lumia 2520. The latter is only the second Windows RT-powered device in the market, after the Microsoft Surface. 
In the event a Nokia Lumia 1625 tablet is released, it’s possible to see its price range not going beyond the $400.00 price that the Nokia 2520 currently has.


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