Friday, 21 February 2014

Samsung's new bendable tablet may be unveiled at MWC

Samsung is working on foldable display technology has surfaced some time ago, and rumor has it that the Korean tech giant has showcased a foldable smartphone during CES, behind closed doors, to VIPs and partners.
With the Mobile World Congress just around the corned, word on the street is that Samsung might showcase its “next-gen” display technology at the event, this time focusing on a panel’s bending abilities. According to the latest report, the company will showcase a bendable tablet. Such a device might have multiple real world use case scenarios and it probably makes more sense than a foldable smartphone.
Earlier today, the Korean media reported that Samsung might showcase a bendable tablet during MWC, in Barcelona. Once again, it appears that the event will take place behind closed doors and will be attended by a select list of people.

The tablet is said to have the ability to be folded up to 90 degrees, meaning that it can be used as a laptop – at least in theory. One half of the screen would accommodate the on-screen keyboard, while the other half would act as an actual display. Pretty high-tech stuff we’re talking about here, and we’re quite excited about this concept.
Nevertheless, even if Samsung will showcase a bendable tablet at the Mobile World Congress, it will probably take a while before the end product will hit the consumer market. But, the future is closing in fast ladies and gents, and every gadget and technology we own today had to start somewhere. Hopefully, the foldable and bendable screen legacy will have its roots this year, at CES and MWC respectively.
For those of you who didn’t know this, Samsung went all the way and patented a tablet design with a bendable display, back in 2013.


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