Sunday, 23 February 2014

Nokia rumored to have three android devices up the block

 All hope may not be lost. A significant amount of information on the Android-powered Nokia X has leaked out that suggests that it’s a very low-end device with a dual-core processor, half a gig of RAM and a petty WVGA display. Our hopes of a high-end, Lumia-like Android device have been dashed. However, a new report has managed to raise our spirits back up.

We don’t know how legitimate this rumor is, but it makes us very excited. According to the report, Nokia has three Android devices in the works. The next handset is reportedly known internally as the “Nokia XX,” and the third phone after that has yet not been named, probably because the name “Nokia XXX” sounds a bit ridiculous. Each unit is expected to be a step up from the last, making the nameless one a flagship-tier device.

The new phones will not be shown off at Mobile World Congress along with the Nokia X, but are rumored to be coming this year. The Nokia XX could debut in May, while the third model one might hit in June.

I’m incredibly excited at the thought of a high-end Nokia device that’s powered by Android. Many Android nerds have been dreaming of such a phone, and it sounds like this may be the year that it actually happens. Hopefully this rumor ends up being true


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