Friday, 14 February 2014

HTC teasing display repair service?

Just before HTC’s big AMA on Reddit, the Taiwanese manufacturer began teasing some kind of new repair service they may begin on offering on Twitter. No details were given, only HTC hinting that broken screens are easily replaceable and that more would be revealed on February 18th.
I think we can all agree, there’s probably no worse feeling in the world than when you drop your phone and find the display (or back) has been shattered (also, no better feeling when you find out the screen is intact). If HTC has some sort of cheap solution to keep our phones looking their best — whether it be an in-house repair service or affordable insurance ala Apple Care — we’re all ears.

The image above was accompanied by the text “If only broken hearts were this easy to fix. Details 2/18.”  It seems that HTC is preparing to unveil some scheme that would allow customers with broken devices to fix them. This could mean a fast screen replacement system or an exchange program, although it’s hard to say with so few clues. One way or another, we should find more this Tuesday.
Cracked screens, including broken cover glass and broken displays, are among the most common problems that smartphone users encounter. The HTC One, while made of aluminum and fairly solid, is just as exposed to hits and bumps as any other device. Luckily, users have a number of options for rugged cases and there are some good ones in HTC One accessories roundup.


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