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Android Stock ROM vs Skinned ROM vs Custom ROM

Stock ROM

We all know that Android is from Google, are we getting the original Android ROM from all mobile brands? The answer is definitely no. Stock ROM is original ROM from Google without any customization of Mobile brands. Not every Mobile brand offers you Stock ROM running devices. If you want Stock ROM you have to buy devices Which Google officially ties up with mobile brands, like Nexus tablets and Phones (also expecting Android one smartphones). The next way to get Stock ROM experience is to buy Google play edition of the devices. Some mobile brands exclusively launch Google play edition of the devices for the users and they are limited editions. Now Motorola also offers stock ROM devices. Let’s move into more detailed information about Stock ROM.
nexus7 1024x545 Android Stock ROM vs Skinned ROM vs Custom ROM
Pure Android Experience
Since Stock ROMs are original ROM from Google it will give you a Pure Android experience. ROMs are well optimized for a better user experience
No compromise in performance, it always top notching. The device gives you a great touch response, a fluid experience in performance with no lags.  Bug issues are very minute which a good thing for users.
Battery Performance
Battery life is always important. Stock ROM uses less resources of your devices which gives an excellent battery life. The battery performance is good.
Stock ROM devices are highly trusted to use. They don’t contain any backdoor or bloatwares. You have to only agree to the privacy policy of Google
Android version and updates
Android version 168x300 Android Stock ROM vs Skinned ROM vs Custom ROM
This is one of the major benefits of Stock ROM devices. New Stock ROM devices always comes with the latest android version out of the box.  They can have the upcoming firmware updates (i.e. system updates) too. For example if you look into Moto G (first gen) at that time it was launched by Google with initial version of Kitkat. The device got all minor updates of kitkat, now its running kitkat 4.4.4 (i.e. latest android version). Also it is about to receive next major Android update 5.0 L
Get Google apps Preloaded
Google apps 168x300 Android Stock ROM vs Skinned ROM vs Custom ROM
Rather than play store it is good have basic Google stock apps preloaded and have access to Services of Play store
Features & customization
You can’t get too many features of the devices like gestures, launchers and some other features. You might get bored and start looking for a custom launcher. The notification tray in Stock Android doesn’t have quick access to settings, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data and etc.
Now let’s move to the skinned ROM

Skinned ROM

SC20140909 180501 Android Stock ROM vs Skinned ROM vs Custom ROM

Skinned ROM is the customized UI of the stock ROM by Mobile brands. Samsung Phones uses its own Skinned ROM which is known as touchwiz UI. If you take Xiaomi they use their customized UI known as MIUI. Okay the Skinned ROM is developed by the Mobile brands and it depends upon the mobile brands
ROM experience
Since it is customized UI you won’t get Pure Android experience here. You have to use the launcher of the Mobile brand. For example Samsung users get touchwiz home launcher preloaded. Also the ROM might not be well optimized.
The performance is not quite impressive here. The possibility of Smoother UI is very less. Users have to face lags in UI. There might be some bugs in the Skinned ROM since it is developed by the mobile brands which may lead to a bad user experience. (Samsung touchwiz UI lags even in high end devices like Galaxy S4)
Battery Performance
Skinned ROM uses more resources than Stock ROM so the battery performance is less when compared to Stock ROM devices
Skinned ROM devices security can’t be trusted because it may contain backdoor and bloatwares which may steal sensitive data of users. There is a buzz that Xiaomi is sending sensitive data of users to Chinese servers
Android version and updates
Getting an Android update in Skinned ROM devices is a big deal. If you bought a budget Phone probably it’s hard to get to minor system update though your Phone Hardware specification is capable. Only high end devices will receive couple of updates and you can’t expect more. The reason is company has to develop the Skinned ROM for your devices which may add an additional cost and time for them.  For example if you are running   Android Kitkat 4.4 in your Samsung device and you want to upgrade to the next major update 5.0 L. You won’t get the update as soon it is launched you have to wait until Samsung update the customized UI of L.
Google apps preloaded
It is hard to see all Google apps preloaded with the device apart from Play store. Even some devices won’t have Play store out of the box. Getting Play store is no big deal but it might affect the normal users or it shows a bad sign to the users
Features & customization
Skinned ROM devices have more customization and features. If you take a look into Xiaomi devices they have preloaded with a store where you can download and customize with themes. If you take a look into Samsung high end devices they have lot of features, like touchwiz launcher, you can scroll web pages from top to bottom with your vision movements also with lots of customized gestures for user convenient. Notification tray will have quick access to the options which you need. You can get these features in stock ROMs

Custom ROMs     

Root 168x300 Android Stock ROM vs Skinned ROM vs Custom ROM
Custom ROMs are suitable for geek users or say people who are using rooted Android devices and not for average users. But remember Rooting your device will lead to void its warranty. Custom ROMs require root access to install in your device. To install custom ROMs You should know how to flash a phone. Okay Custom ROMs are created by developers to give more functionality and customization to your Phone. You can get unofficial ROMs of the latest version of Android. I used Custom Jelly bean ROM in my Samsung galaxy Y. Jelly bean was not officially released for Galaxy Y. By installing Custom ROMs you can use your Phone in full fledge. The custom ROMs have some serious bugs which will annoy you. Updates are often released and bugs will be fixed. You can overclock your Phone performance or under clock to save battery. Improve tweaks and lot more. You can find all the stuffs for your Phone in XDA developers


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